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. >> reporter: since the virginia tech shootings gun laws have not changed despite efforts by victims and families. here's the mother of a wounded student trying to unsuccessfully convince george allen to get rid of the gun show loophole. that allows private sales with no background checks. >> as far as private sales, no, i'm not for it. >> certainly background record checks at gun shows and i'm very open to the notion that these high-capacity magazines in weapons that are just meant to harm people, that, you know, we ought to be looking at those. >> no, i'm not one who wants to take away the rights of law abiding citizens to protect their feamsz or themselves. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. >> you can see peggy's other stories on these candidates, particularly their stances on spending and economics, at >>> tomorrow is the last day for virginians to vote absentee. today is the last day to cast an early ballot in maryland. you have until 9:00 p.m. to make it to a polling center. >>> in montgomery county one of the key ballot questions would modify collective bargaining
are on the hunt for. this is the guy they say is son- in-law for all of this. this is -- responsible for all of this. this is 25-year-old lawrence alan stewart iii. >> this man is a serious danger and threat to society. and has already attempted to murder two law enforcement officers their families and citizens. >> reporter: the first pipe bomb attack happened about 4:00 a.m. on the 3100 block of normandy avenue in fredericksburg. that used to be the home of a stafford sheriff's deputy. he hadn't lived there in more than a year but the woman there wasn't hurt as a result of the blast. that was the first of the three attacks. shortly after it moves into stafford county where the second attack takes place at home in the kings grant subdivision. it's believed that's where the detective lived. then after that, the third pipe bomb attack, this time at a louse in the country ridge -- house in the country ridge subdivision where we believe stewart's ex-girlfriend lived. no one was hurt in any of the attacks. stemming from two cases earlier this year where he was charged for indecent exposure and th
. the department of transportation said that the express lane could open as early as november 17. >>> a federal law is confirming an earlier report this year that found questionable practices by the agency that will be running dulles international airport. the airport authority. that audit found that the executives accepted the disks like the super bowl tickets from the contractors and that the authority, they routinely awarded the bid contracts. they do credit the authority for putting reforms in place over the past few months. >>> coming up, a two-day storm that boils down to just 60 seconds. >>> he promised to mobilize all the resources in necessary to help those in need. >>> 9news wants to help those recovering from sandy's wrath. that's why we are donating $1 to the american red cross' sandy relief fund for every like we get on our facebook page. please consider logging on and liking our page. >>> all right, top. we have seen some pretty amazing images from sandy over the last few days. now there is a new angle of a storm that hit new york city. this is a time lapse. this is the entire storm.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3